Floor cleaner plays a very important role in ensuring a clean and safe environment for workers. Especially in industrial, manufacturing, or building environments, where floors are most susceptible to dirt. However, if only using traditional methods or ordinary clean water, the cleaning will be very difficult and time consuming. So, in this article, we will introduce you to powerful, safe floor cleaners, and experience choosing the right product for your needs.

Why use floor cleaner?

Floor cleaner is a substance or mixture of surfactants, capable of quickly and effectively cleaning floors.

Especially in production workshops, factories and industrial environments, dirt and grease often adhere to the floor. If not cleaned, stains can slip, endanger workers, or affect work productivity. In addition, large buildings such as hotels and restaurants also need an effective floor cleaner to prevent the accumulation of stubborn stains.

Therefore, using industrial floor cleaner is one of the effective solutions to keep the floor clean and safe. By using specialized chemicals, cleaning will take place quickly, saving time and effort, and ensuring floors are well maintained and prolong their life.

In addition, using floor cleaner has the following advantages:

– Powerful and effective cleaning ability, helping to remove stubborn stains on the floor quickly

– Increase the newness and hardness of the floor

– Save money and time for cleaning and sanitizing floors

– Make sure the floor is always shiny, giving a clean feeling.


Using specialized floor cleaners brings many benefits
Using specialized floor cleaners brings many benefits

The most powerful and effective floor cleaners available today

Using a dedicated floor cleaner is a smart and effective solution to keeping floors clean and safe in industrial environments. Here are some of the most popular types of detergents used by users today.

Floor cleaner RYDALL MP

RYDALL MP is a biodegradable floor cleaner , imported from the US, with strong and fast cleaning ability. RYDALL MP will be an excellent choice for industrial, commercial, institutional and household facilities.

Some outstanding features of RYDALL MP:

– Powerfully removes stubborn stains

– Biodegradable: Even in highly concentrated form, the product is not dangerous to users

– Friendly to the environment and people

– Solvent-free, mineral oil-free

– Capable of wetting the surface, keeping oil, less foaming

– Non-flammable, non-acid, can remove heavy organic ingredients

– Certified by NSF as a safe cleaner for food establishments.

industrial floor cleaner RYDALL MP
Industrial floor cleaner RYDALL MP

Floor cleaner LTV O5404

LTV O5404 is one of the specialized floor cleaning products produced by Long Truong Vu company. This product is light brown in color and has strong stain removal capabilities. In addition, floor cleaner LTV O5404 also has many outstanding advantages.

  • Able to remove dirt, grease on the floor quickly and effectively: This makes the cleaning process easier and faster.
  • Biodegradability: This is an important advantage when using chemical products in cleaning work.
  • Obtaining ISO certificates such as ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015: This proves that product quality meets international standards.
Powerful floor cleaner
Powerful floor cleaner LTV O5404

By using the LTV O5404 product, you can be assured of the quality of the floor cleaner, and the effectiveness of your floor cleaning work.

Some benefits of using specialized floor cleaners

Using floor cleaner has many significant benefits in terms of floor maintenance and cleaning.

✔️Powerful and effective cleaning:

Floor cleaner will make it easy to remove stains, grease, and dust from the floor. With powerful performance, floors will look clean and increase aesthetic value.

✔️Prevent the accumulation of dirt and grease:

This makes floor cleaning and maintenance easier, reducing the risk of future replacement floors.

✔️Helps protect floors:

Floor cleaners can protect surfaces from contaminants, resist scratching effects and protect surfaces from abrasion. This helps to prolong the life and service life of the floor.

✔️Increased safety:

Specialized bleach reduces the risk of slippage and increases the adhesion of the floor, thereby enhancing worker safety.

✔️Save time and costs:

Time and cost for floor cleaning and maintenance will be reduced. With powerful cleaning power, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and energy to clean.


Using specialized floor cleaners saves a lot of time and effort
Using specialized floor cleaners saves a lot of time and effort

Some notes when using floor cleaning chemicals

When using floor cleaning chemicals , there are some notes that need to be kept in mind to ensure the safety of yourself, the floor as well as the surrounding environment. Here are some important notes:

  1. Read product labels and instructions carefully before use.
  2. Always wear gloves and a mask when using floor cleaner to avoid direct contact with the product.
  3. Avoid direct contact with skin, eyes or inhalation of the product. If accidental contact with product occurs, rinse with clean water and seek medical help if necessary.
  4. Do not overuse the product. Use floor cleaner at the recommended dosage to ensure safety and effectiveness.
  5. After use, close the lid of the product and store it in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
  6. Avoid letting the floor cleaner leak into electronic devices and household appliances, to avoid damage to electronic devices or cause a fire or explosion.
Since this is a cleaning product, please note the above to protect yourself and the floor
Since this is a cleaning product, please note the above to protect yourself and the floor

If you follow the above notes when using floor cleaner, you will ensure the safety of yourself, your equipment and the environment, and use the product effectively and protect your health. his health.

Experience choosing to buy extremely strong floor cleaner

Here are some experiences to help you choose the right powerful floor cleaner :

  • Determine user needs:

Before buying floor cleaner, you need to clearly define your needs. If you use it for places like factories, factories, you need to choose a powerful and highly effective cleaning product.

  • Learn about the manufacturer and brand:

Choosing to buy products from a reputable and branded manufacturer is important. You can find information about manufacturers and products on the internet or ask for opinions from people who have used them.

  • Consult from previous users:

You should learn and ask for opinions from previous users to get honest reviews and comments about the product.

  • Check out the technical indicators:

If you’re not sure which extreme floor cleaner is right for you, it’s a good idea to check specifications like pH, viscosity, surfactant concentration, and other ingredients to find out. You can choose the right product for your needs.

  • Test before you buy:

You can test the product before you buy it to make sure it’s right for your needs.

To ensure quality, you should buy products from reputable brands
To ensure quality, you should buy products from reputable brands

Where to buy reputable, quality industrial floor cleaner?

Buying quality and reputable industrial floor cleaner is very important, especially in the field of industrial cleaning. If you are looking for a reputable and reliable supplier of industrial floor cleaner, consider Long Truong Vu.

Long Truong Vu is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial floor cleaners in Vietnam, the company’s products meet high quality standards and are tested by professional organizations.

Long Truong Vu also achieved ISO certifications such as ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015. Floor cleaner LTV O5404 and RYDALL MP are two typical products of the company, widely used in the field of industrial cleaning.

Moreover, Long Truong Vu is also committed to providing customers with dedicated and professional support, ensuring to meet customers’ strict requirements in terms of product and service quality.

Please contact Long Truong Vu for the best advice and support when you need to buy the most reputable and quality industrial floor cleaner on the market.

Long Truong Vu has been a reputable and quality detergent supplier since 2002
Long Truong Vu has been a reputable and quality detergent supplier since 2002

Thus, using floor cleaner will help you easily clean, ensuring the floor is always clean. However, to ensure safety and effectiveness, you should note the above important points to choose the right products to buy. Hope the above article will provide you with useful information.