In an emotional and meaningful offline session, Long Truong Vu – specializing in the production and distribution of detergents – took advantage of an opportunity to meet and connect with important partners in “Connection session No.27– Industrial Team”, organized by Team of Industrial Park. This is a remarkable event that has helped Long Truong Vu affirm its position in the detergent industry and create strong momentum for the future.

This networking session is an opportunity for Long Truong Vu to introduce the unique and effective “Multi-Purpose Detergent” key products. Here, Long Truong Vu’s enthusiastic staff was present, along with a booth displaying visual samples, helping partners have an overview of the product.

Long Truong Vu's exhibition booth at "Connection session No. 27 - Team of industrial zones"
Long Truong Vu’s booth at “Connecting session No. 27 – Industrial Team”

Through interesting conversations and sharing, Long Truong Vu made a deep impression and attracted the attention of partners and members in the offline session. At the same time, the excellent representatives of the company have constantly listened, understood the needs, and answered all questions about the product, building trust for partners. As a result, Long Truong Vu’s cleaning products are not only groundbreaking and reliable, but also recognized for their quality and effectiveness.

The networking session also made an important contribution to promoting the development of individuals at Long Truong Vu. The exchange and learning from colleagues with the same passion and commitment inspired and enhanced the capabilities of the Long Truong Vu team. This not only shows the professionalism and efforts of the company, but also creates a spirit of solidarity and consensus in achieving development goals.

Long Truong Vu's staff was present at the Connecting Meeting
Long Truong Vu’s staff was present at the Connecting Session

Besides introducing products, the networking session also created a lively interactive environment and an opportunity for Long Truong Vu to build a stronger partnership. Sincere conversations and experience sharing between Long Truong Vu and other businesses have created deep connections and opened the door for long-term and sustainable cooperation opportunities. This connection not only brings value in terms of expanding Long Truong Vu’s business network, but also creates an overall spillover and growth in the industry.

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Exciting atmosphere at the meeting
Exciting atmosphere at the meeting

The connection session number 27 – Team Industrial Park is a memorable and important event for Long Truong Vu. Taking advantage of this valuable opportunity has helped the company to recognize significant achievements and open up greater prospects in the future.

The connection was successful and good
The connection was successful and good

Long Truong Vu determines that connection, cooperation and exchange is not only the key to sustainable success, but also the driving force that drives the company to overcome all challenges and continues to be an inspiration for the company. detergent industry.