RYDALL VP, a revolutionary and flexible biodegradable cleaning agent, provides a comprehensive solution for cleaning and removing contaminants in oil processing equipment, reducing downtime, labor, and water usage.

RYDALL VP is a pH-neutral cleaner that can be applied in circulation or vapor phase applications. In vapor phase applications, it effectively removes oil, gas, low explosive limit (LEL), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and benzene (C6H6), while also cleaning hydrocarbon deposits in a single use. RYDALL VP is also an effective wetting agent additive for alkaline or acidic solutions in chemical cleaning.

Moreover, plant personnel or on-site contractors can safely use RYDALL VP without the need for specialized consultants or contractors. It is environmentally friendly and consists of a powerful, fast-acting surfactant formula that is safe for personnel, equipment, and the environment.

How Vapor Phase Cleaning Works:

  • Initially, saturated steam along with RYDALL VP in vapor phase will condense on the hydrocarbon deposits coating the equipment surfaces, raising the temperature of the deposits. Once the deposits are heated, RYDALL VP in vapor phase penetrates the deposits and condenses on the metal surfaces of the equipment. The presence of RYDALL VP in vapor phase causes the metal surfaces to become water-wetted, facilitating easier removal of hydrocarbon deposits from the metal surface by the condensate containing RYDALL VP. Vapors, gases, and volatile components are carried out through steam venting, typically to drain points and the plant’s flare header. Remaining hydrocarbon deposits and sludge at the bottom of the equipment are emulsified by the condensate and RYDALL VP in vapor phase that also flow down to the bottom.

Circulation Cleaning and Degassing Information:

  • The basic process for cleaning and degassing equipment and pipes involves circulating a high-temperature aqueous solution of RYDALL VP through the specified equipment and associated piping. Utilizing RYDALL VP in a chemical circulation process effectively removes oil and sludge from all wetted surfaces, reducing benzene concentration to below 1 ppm, H2S to nearly zero, and LEL to nearly zero.

RYDALL VP’s cleaning and degassing technology is the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective solution for various applications. It allows customers to significantly reduce downtime for degassing and cleaning equipment and pipes, enabling faster return to operation.

For more detailed information about the Rydall VP product, customers can contact the hotline at 0914 711 499 for consultation and comprehensive project planning services prior to the cleaning process. These services include pre-planning meetings, on-site inspections, detailed application procedures, estimated water and chemical usage, and waste disposal recommendations.