As you may know, the cooling tower pipelines are often clogged with deposits due to impurities passing through and settling in the cooling tower, then flowing down the pipeline. When the pipeline is clogged with deposits, it corrodes the metal and affects the equipment in the cooling tower.

In addition, deposits also affect the heat exchange process, reducing the capacity and efficiency of the equipment.

Moreover, if the cooling tower has too much buildup, it will clog the pipeline, increase the pressure in the pipeline, and may cause the pipeline to explode or reduce the frequency of operation.

The cooling system operates on the principle of air exchange or water circulation. During the cooling process, the Cooling Tower is often clogged with deposits and pipe corrosion, causing a decrease in water flow and poor operation of the water distributor. This can lead to a decrease in the cooling capacity of the tower.

Therefore, cleaning the deposits from the cooling tower is essential. However, any cleaning or maintenance work should be planned and executed with proper procedures, or else it can cause unforeseen consequences.

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