“Cleaning AHU copper pipes” is an important process in maintaining and preserving the central air handling system (AHU). The copper pipes in the AHU are responsible for transmitting refrigerant from the compressor to other cooling equipment in the system. However, over time, the pipes can accumulate dirt, rust, and other impurities that can affect the performance and efficiency of the system.

Cleaning AHU copper pipes is the process of removing dirt and impurities from the pipes. This process is typically performed by professional technicians from Long Truong Vu and includes the following steps:

  1. Inspection and diagnosis: The technician will inspect the overall condition of the system and determine the level of contamination of the copper pipes. The technician will measure pressure and temperature, check for malfunctions, and record necessary data.
  2. Preparation: The technician will ensure that the system is turned off and safe to perform the process of cleaning the copper pipes. Components such as conduits, bends, and valves will be protected to avoid damage during the work.
  3. Use of specialized cleaning solution: The technician will use a special cleaning solution to clean the copper pipes. This solution typically contains surfactants and cleaning chemicals to remove dirt and impurities. The solution is supplied to the copper pipes through a pumping or spraying system.
  4. Drainage and rinsing: After the cleaning solution has been active for a period of time, it will be drained from the system. The technician will rinse the copper pipes with clean water to remove all cleaning and dirt residue.
  5. Inspection and evaluation: The technician will check and evaluate the condition of the copper pipes after the cleaning process. They will check pressure, temperature, and system performance to ensure that the copper pipes have been effectively cleaned.
  6. Maintenance and preservation: After cleaning AHU copper pipes, the process of maintenance and preservation continues. Technicians will check and replace old parts, inspect and adjust equipment, and ensure that the central air handling system operates stably and efficiently.

Cleaning AHU copper pipes plays an important role in maintaining the performance and lifespan of the central air handling system. It helps to clean and remove dirt, rust, and impurities from the copper pipes, improve air flow, increase cooling efficiency, and reduce energy consumption. At the same time, the process of cleaning AHU copper pipes also helps to protect other cooling equipment in the system.