Are you the owner of a roon and rubber seal manufacturing business? Are you looking for a complete injection mold cleaning solution? Then the injection molding cleaners below will help you solve that problem.

In the processing and production process, the cleaning of the injection mold is extremely necessary, because it not only affects the operation performance, but also directly affects the finished product. And the cleaning method with specialized mold cleaners is considered the most effective and optimal method today.

Why should I clean the injection molding?

The injection mold will directly affect 90% of the product quality. If the surface of the injection mold is dirty, the pressing process may be uneven, causing defects or errors in the final product, thereby affecting production efficiency, increasing the time but the output. reduce.

In addition, if the injection mold is not cleaned and maintained periodically, the mold is easily damaged such as rust, abrasion, and deformation of the injection mold. At that time, the manufacturer will have to bear the greater repair cost. Sometimes the time to restore or replace the new mold will also interrupt the production process, affecting business activities.

Therefore, in order to ensure satisfactory products and save unnecessary costs, manufacturers must always prioritize maintenance and cleaning of their injection molds.

hóa chất làm sạch khuôn
Regular cleaning of injection molds brings many benefits

Why should I clean roon & rubber injection molds with cleaning chemicals?

Compared with other traditional methods, using specialized chemicals to clean the injection molds will bring many benefits such as:

  • High efficiency:

Injection mold cleaning chemicals can quickly remove dirt, rust, plastic fumes, gas stains and other impurities.

  • Surface protection of injection molds and rubber seals:

Compared to the cleaning method by brush, or sandblasting, cleaning with injection molding cleaner will not significantly affect the surface of the material such as scratches, corrosion, thereby helping to prolong the life of the injection mold. .

  • Save time and effort:

Cleaning and sanitizing with chemicals will significantly reduce the time and effort spent to remove dirt.

  • Increase mold life:

Limiting the cost of repairing or replacing injection molds, ensuring that the production process always goes smoothly.

chất tẩy rửa khuôn đúc cao su
Rubber injection molding after being cleaned

What are popular injection molding cleaners in the market?

Currently, there are a number of common injection molding cleaners used to clean roon and rubber injection molding. Here are some common mold cleaners used in this process.

1 – Cleaning chemicals for injection molding LTV O5204

LTV O5204 injection molding cleaner is light brown, liquid, can cleanse easily and quickly without affecting the injection molding. The product can be used on roon and rubber injection molds, etc.

All customers after using LTV O5204 have the same comments about the product:

  1. Competitive price: Considering the outstanding cleaning features of the product, the price of LTV O5204 in the same segment is considered to be quite good in the market.
  2. Easy to use: With just a few simple steps, the user can completely remove the dirt by himself, returning the shiny surface to the mold.
  3. Material safety: The concentration of injection mold cleaners is optimized so as not to affect the surface, but still ensure the cleaning effect.
  4. Outstanding cleaning ability: Completely clean the injection mold, leaving no chemical residue on the device after use.
  5. Leaves no residue on the surface of the injection mold: This is also one of the reasons why customers appreciate LTV O5204 mold cleaner so much.

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Chất tẩy rửa bụi bẩn, dầu mỡ trên thiết bị công nghiệp - LTV O5204
Injection molding cleaner LTV O5204

2 – Cleaning chemicals for roon and rubber injection molding LTV O5304

LTV O5304 Mold Cleaning Chemical is specially researched to effectively and quickly remove dirt, rust, plastic fumes, and other impurities from the mold surface.

The product has many advantages such as:

  • Do not leave traces on the surface of molds such as grouting molds, rubber seals
  • Safe for humans and friendly to the environment
  • Achieve international standards such as: ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001

Injection molding cleaner LTV O5304 can be used for purposes such as:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing grouting molds, rubber seals, and other injection molds, etc.
  • Remove grease on metal tools, precision molds.
  • Cleaning precision mechanical machines, tools and instruments used in industry and production
  • Cleaning, cleaning dirt, grease, acid on surfaces
  • Shorten cleaning time, improve mold quality.

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Chất tẩy rửa vệ sinh các thiết bị trao đổi nhiệt - LTV O5304
Injection molding cleaner LTV O5304

Where should I buy injection molding cleaner from?

Long Truong Vu Company has a development length of more than 22 years, specializing in manufacturing and supplying quality industrial cleaners and injection moldling cleaning products for businesses. The company not only provides products at competitive prices, but also has an enthusiastic and dedicated customer service team. With the motto that quality creates prestige, Long Truong Vu always allows customers to test products at the business before placing an order.

All those efforts have helped the company to have a solid position in the market today. This is shown through the cooperation with big company such as Bitexco Group, Vinpearl, Sofitel hotels & resorts, Doosan corporation, CPGroup, etc.

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Injection molding cleaners
Injection molding cleaners play an important role in cleaning injection molds

To conclude, investing in injection mold cleaner and performing cleaning tasks is extremely necessary, and brings many benefits to businesses. If you are interested in the product, or need more detailed advice, please contact the hotline : 0914 711 499 for quick support!