We all know that industrial refrigeration plays a very important role in factories and production facilities. However, to ensure that industrial air conditioners operate stably and efficiently, periodic cleaning is extremely necessary. With the industrial air conditioning cleaning process below, you can ensure your system is always working efficiently and stably.

Prepare the necessary tools

Cleaning industrial air conditioners is not complicated, but it should be done properly to ensure safety and avoid causing damage, adversely affecting the cooling system. Before starting the cleaning process, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary tools.

Here is a list of the tools you need to prepare:

  1. Industrial air conditioner cleaning solution : Use a specialized solution to improve the cleaning efficiency and clean the dirt on the air conditioner.
  2. Cloth towel, soft brush, or scrubber: Use tools such as cloth towel, soft brush to act on stubborn dirt, increasing the ability to clean the parts in the air conditioner.
  3. Plastic and tape: Use plastic to cover the electronic boards, then use tape to secure them. This ensures that the boards do not come into contact with water during cleaning.
  4. Tools such as screwdrivers: Prepare these tools to disassemble parts, making cleaning work easier.
  5. Booster pump: Use a high-pressure booster pump to clean the metal slots on the outdoor and indoor units. This makes it easy to remove dirt in industrial air conditioning systems. Booster pumps come in different sizes and specifications, so it is important to adjust the water pressure accordingly to avoid causing damage.
  6. Clean water: Make sure there is enough clean water to use during cleaning of the air conditioner.
industrial air conditioning cleaning process - preparation
Prepare all the tools before performing the industrial air conditioning cleaning process

Preparing a full range of tools will help optimize time and effort, thereby cleaning industrial air conditioners more effectively and safely.


Industrial air conditioner cleaning process

The industrial air conditioning cleaning process is an important sequence of steps to ensure that the air conditioner operates stably and efficiently. Here is the detailed process of cleaning industrial air conditioners from start to finish:

Step 1: Disconnect the power system

Before starting the industrial air conditioner cleaning procedure, be sure to disconnect all power to the system for safety. This helps to avoid problems such as fire or the risk of electric shock. Wait about 2 minutes after turning off the machine to start the cleaning process.

industrial air conditioner cleaning process - step 1
Turn off the power to ensure the safety of people and equipment

Step 2: Clean the indoor unit cover

The indoor unit of industrial air conditioners is often large in size and heavy in weight, making it difficult and dangerous to move. When cleaning, it is necessary to use suitable means for easy access and movement.

Remove the front panel of the air conditioner by pulling up from the top. Use a wet sponge or cloth to gently clean the case. If clean water is not effective, now use a specialized air conditioner cleaning solution to make cleaning easier.

You can then use a clean towel to dry the front part. Please make sure not to expose the case to the sun to avoid affecting the quality. Finally, reinstall the case when it is dry.

Step 3: Clean the industrial air conditioner indoor unit

Here’s how to effectively clean industrial air conditioning units:

  • First, use a plastic piece or adhesive tape to shield the electrical circuit of the indoor unit, to avoid being affected during the cleaning process.
  • Next, you adjust the booster pump to the appropriate level and slowly spray clean water on the surface of the indoor unit.
  • Then, you spray the specialized cleaning solution evenly on the place with the most dirt, the most difficult to remove.
  • After allowing the reaction to occur for 3-5 minutes, use a soft brush, or cloth to remove stubborn dirt.
  • Finally, you can rinse it off with clean water.
industrial air conditioner cleaning process
Using industrial air conditioner cleaning solution will be more effective for cleaning

Step 4: Clean the ventilation system, air outlet, filter mesh

Cleaning the ventilation system and vents helps industrial air conditioners work more efficiently in cooling. When installing air conditioners for factories, these parts are easy to collect dust.

Therefore, you need to clean them by drying them first. Then, use a specialized cleaning solution to clean dirt and residue on the fan blades. For the filter, you should wash it with warm water about 30 degrees Celsius to easily remove dust and clean. Then you let them dry or dry with a clean towel. A small note is that you should use a towel with a moderate temperature to clean the case.

Step 5: Clean the industrial air conditioner outdoor unit

First, remove the outdoor unit and use a small pressure pump to spray water into the slots of the radiator, to clean the dust and insects attached.

Next, you carefully check that the outdoor unit is fully shielded and the ground wire is intact, in order to avoid damage to the industrial air conditioner.

During the cleaning process, you need to be careful to avoid denting and deforming the outdoor unit. If it is slightly dented, you can adjust it with gentle tools, making sure not to puncture the refrigerant tubes through the metal foil.

If rinsing with clean water does not achieve the desired effect, you can use an air conditioner cleaning solution to achieve the desired results.

Step 6: Clean the oil box

First, you need to clean around the oil box of the industrial air conditioner to avoid oil leakage. Then, check the oil level, if the oil level is low, you need to add oil to ensure the industrial air conditioner works effectively.

Step 7: Clean the cooling tower

Cooling towers play an important role in the temperature balance of industrial air conditioning systems. Therefore, cleaning the cooling tower is also very important.

To facilitate cleaning, you need to disassemble the panels in the cooling tower and spray clean the dirt. Removing dirt will help the cooling tower operate at higher efficiency. After completing the cleaning work, reassemble the panels as they were originally, making sure the corners are angled according to the specifications.

industrial air conditioner cleaning process
Above is the 7-step process to clean industrial air conditioners

Above is the most complete industrial air conditioner cleaning process . Proper cleaning of industrial air conditioners not only helps them operate efficiently, but also prolongs their life and reduces the risk of breakdowns. Thus, with just 7 simple steps, you can ensure that your refrigeration system is always operating stably and efficiently.