The floors of factories and the areas around machinery, if not cleaned regularly, tend to accumulate oil residues, creating conditions for slippery surfaces, poor hygiene, and an unattractive environment. Factors to consider when selecting an oil removal cleaning agent.


Factors to consider when choosing an oil removal cleaning agent.

In specialized manufacturing plants, especially those in high-tech industries, the focus is often on heavy industrial production. In metalworking processes such as cutting, stamping, pressing, bending, materials must be cleaned of oil and grease to proceed to the next stages.

Additionally, maintaining regular cleanliness of factory floors and the areas around machinery is crucial to prevent the accumulation of oil residues, ensuring slip-free surfaces, maintaining aesthetics, and ensuring a safe working environment.

In places like truck garages or automotive shops, when performing a thorough cleaning of areas, nooks, or cleaning engine components, machinery, gears, chains, ball bearings, using an oil and grease cleaning agent is essential.

However, the use of diesel oil (DO), kerosene, or solvents for cleaning often results in unpleasant odors, health risks, and potential fire hazards. Therefore, researching and using safer cleaning products is essential.

Below are examples that showcase the success of Long Trường Vũ in testing oil removal cleaning agents on various items:

Using a cleaning agent for automotive garages: Long Trường Vũ has successfully developed and provided a special cleaning agent for automotive garages. This solution effectively cleans oil and dirt from vehicle surfaces, without causing harm to the paint and other components. This ensures that vehicles are safely preserved and maintain their external appearance. Even the most stubborn oil-stained floors can be cleaned by applying the chemical without much effort.

Using oil removal cleaning agents for factories and industrial areas: Long Trường Vũ has successfully supplied effective oil removal cleaning agents to factories and industrial areas. These products help remove oil and grease from industrial equipment and machinery, ensuring cleanliness and the optimal performance of these devices.

Using versatile cleaning agents for cleaning oil and grease on automotive engines and forklifts: Long Trường Vũ has developed a special versatile cleaning agent for cleaning oil and grease on automotive engines and forklifts. This product quickly and effectively removes stubborn oil and grease, helping to maintain and service these devices in their best working condition.

These achievements demonstrate Long Trường Vũ’s research and development capabilities in providing safe, effective cleaning products suitable for various applications.

Long Trường Vũ’s Versatile Cleaning Agent.

With a highly versatile and optimized product for cleaning oil, grease, dirt, carbon deposits, wax, wallpaper adhesive residues, used for cutting, pressing, metalworking, animal fat, beef fat, and other lubricants, light carbon, asphalt, as well as food stains. The product has the following outstanding features:

Biodegradable. Free of solvents. Completely environmentally safe, non-flammable, and non-explosive. Acid-free and non-harmful to the skin. Non-corrosive and safe for materials such as plastic and rubber, as well as sensitive metal parts. Effective, economical, and environmentally friendly cleaning with strong oil and grease removal performance. An ideal choice for cleaning surfaces, replacing the use of diesel oil, kerosene, or solvents.

In addition to providing chemical cleaning solutions to meet all cleaning needs, we also offer services such as:

Industrial water treatment. Cleaning boiler and cooling tower scale deposits. Odor control for industrial waste disposal sites.

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