Rydlyme descaling agent is an industrial cleaning agent used to remove deposits on surfaces of industrial equipment, including condensers in power plants.

However, using Rydlyme to descale condensers in power plants with a capacity of up to 1200MW must be carefully carried out and fully comply with safety procedures and usage instructions. You need support from the experienced and professional supplier Long Truong Vu. Improper use can be dangerous for the operator and affect the plant’s operation.

The highlight of Rydlyme chemical – Pipeline descaling agent is a biological chemical

In the long run, deposits in water such as lime, sludge, rust, moss, sediment, manganese, calcium, and many other types in the circulating water system of Chiller, Cooling Tower, or any system with circulating water such as AHU, compressor will stick to the pipelines and cause blockages. When using Rydlyme descaling agent, it will:

  • Not corrode technical machinery: Does not corrode copper, iron, steel, rubber, plastic, fabric, leather, titanium, glass, ceramics, etc.
  • Can remove dirt quickly: When the chemical is poured into the pipeline, lime, sludge, rust, moss, sediment, manganese, calcium will be quickly dissolved.
  • Does not affect the health of users.
  • Does not use acid.
  • Leaves no residue after cleaning.
  • The chemical can be used on-site without moving the equipment.
  • Ability to decompose into the environment, no need to treat wastewater.

RYDLYME descaling agent has been NSF registered for use in various industries and applications, including beverage processing plants, pharmaceuticals, bottling and food, as well as certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 as a water system cleaning agent for drinking water and manufactured at an ISO 9001 certified facility.

Safe, fast, and convenient in a descaling machine. Rydlyme descaling agent can biodegrade 12 times faster than other chemical descaling agents, with most cleaning applications completed within a few hours.

Unlike mechanical cleaning methods (e.g., brushing, scrubbing, hydraulic spraying), Rydlyme descaling agent can be circulated.