Industrial cleaners are an indispensable part of the cleaning process of industrial equipment and factories. However, to ensure effectiveness and safety in use, the selection of most powerful cleaning chemical today is extremely important. With the diversity and abundance of the market, choosing the right product for the needs of the business is also a remarkable issue. The following article will provide information about 4 powerful detergents that are popular and widely used by businesses.

1/ LTV O5204: Remove industrial grease and dirt

LTV O5204 is a powerful industrial cleaner used to clean equipment, machinery and metal surfaces in various industries. Produced by Long Truong Vu Company, LTV O5204 is a mixture of strong detergents, capable of cleaning and removing stubborn stains such as oil, grease, dirt and paint on surfaces.

chất tẩy rửa cực mạnh LTV O5204
Industrial grease remover

LTV O5204 can be applied in many different cases:

Cleans the lubricating oil for threading machines and weaving machines, which helps to remove accumulated dirt and keep the machine running smoothly.

  • Cleans grease deposits in various industrial equipment, making them more efficient.
  • Used in vehicle maintenance facilities, it helps to remove impurities and deposits that have accumulated on the surface of vehicle parts.
  • Used to remove dirt in air compressors, help keep the machine working properly and prolong the life of the machine.
  • Acid vapor descaling on plastic walls, helps remove contaminants and protects surfaces from corrosion
  • Used in mechanical plants – welding turning, helps to remove impurities and deposits on metal surfaces and keep equipment running smoothly.


hóa chất tẩy rửa cực mạnh
LTV O5204 has many applications in industrial cleaning

2/ LTV O5304: Descaling, oil on heat exchangers

TV O5304 is one of the most powerful cleaners , used to remove grease deposits, dirt and other impurities on heat exchangers. This is a highly effective product and is used in many industries.

  • Used in cement manufacturing companies, where heat exchangers are often adhered to by impurities
  • Used in refrigeration companies, installing air conditioners with AHU, FCU, and wind chiller systems, where heat exchangers are often adhered to by dirt and grease.
  • Used in companies that manufacture cans, bottles, and soft drinks, where heat exchangers are often adhered to by impurities.
  • Use to clean the radiator fins of generators and other vehicles. Impurities and grease often adhere to the heat sink fins, affecting the performance of the machine.
chất tẩy rửa cực mạnh LTV O5304
Descaling agent, lubricant on heat exchangers

With powerful and effective cleaning properties, the LTV O5304 is the ideal choice for companies using heat exchangers. This product makes equipment maintenance and cleaning easier and more efficient, improving the efficiency and longevity of heat exchangers.

tẩy rửa lá tản nhiệt cực mạnh
Clean the fins easily with the LTV O5304

3/ LTV O5404: Remove grease on kitchen equipment, floors

LTV O5404 is one of most powerful cleaning chemical, which is used to remove grease stains on a variety of surfaces. With great features, LTV O5404 is a reliable product and is used in many fields.

  • Clean greasy ceramic tiles and stone floors
  • Cleaning concrete and cement floors
  • Degreasing on the floor
  • Clean kitchen appliances such as range hoods and hobs
  • Removes grease stains from stainless steel or stainless steel shelves or tables.
chất tẩy rửa cực mạnh LTV O5404
Degreasing agent on kitchen equipment, floors

With its powerful cleaning performance, LTV O5404 is widely used in food manufacturing plants, food production and processing facilities, packaging factories and other industrial facilities. Besides, the product is also used in maintenance activities, cleaning houses, hotels and restaurants, and many other places.

chất tẩy rửa cực mạnh trong công nghiệp
Remove grease from the floor with ease

4/ COIL CLEANER: Industrial hygiene cleaning

COIL CLEANER is an industrial cleaning chemical , used to clean metal surfaces in air conditioning systems, air conditioning and other industrial equipment. This product is formulated with chemical compounds such as acids, alkalis, etc. to remove dirt, grease and other stains on the surface of the coil (heat pipe).

  • COIL CLEANER has many industrial applications.
  • Remove stains on air ducts, fan blades
  • Clean other surfaces of air conditioning systems and refrigeration compressors.
  • Clean metal surfaces in water filtration systems and other industrial equipment.
chất tẩy rửa cực mạnh coil cleaner
Industrial cleaning detergent COIL CLEANER

By removing dirt from the surface of the equipment, COIL CLEANER will help improve cooling performance, improve air quality and increase the life of the equipment in the system.

Instructions for using extremely strong cleaning chemicals

To effectively and safely use extreme detergents , users need to use them appropriately and correctly. Here is a user guide with 5 simple steps.

✔️Step 1: Before using cleaning chemicals, remove the device and wet the surface with clean water or pre-wash if the device has too much dirt. This makes cleaners more accessible and easier to clean.

✔️Step 2: Mix the cleaning solution with water in the appropriate ratio, depending on the dirtiness of the equipment to be cleaned. Then, spray this mixture on the surface to be cleaned. Spraying chemicals evenly will make cleaning more effective and easier.

✔️Step 3: To give the detergent time to react, we should let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Accordingly, the chemical will penetrate deeply into the stains and maximize the cleaning ability.

✔️Step 4: Use clean water to rinse the device. This helps to remove dirt and grime. In addition, rinsing with clean water will remove all residual chemicals, ensuring safety for users and the life of the device.

✔️Step 5: Check the device by sense is clean or not. If stain remains, repeat step 1 to ensure that the stain has been completely removed.

Strong detergents play an important role in cleaning, removing impurities and dirt from the surface of the device. Using the right detergent will also help improve efficiency, increase equipment life and reduce breakdowns. Therefore, choose quality and reliable products such as these most powerful cleaning chemical: LTV O5204, LTV O5304, LTV O5404 and Coil Cleaner to ensure a clean and safe cleaning job.