After a period of use, stains such as grease, stubborn residue will gradually settle on the surface of the device and the floor. One of the best solutions to get rid of these stains is to use kitchen oil cleaning liquid. With special formula and outstanding features, this detergent is becoming the first choice of many businesses, factories and buildings.

When to use cleaning liquid for used cooking oil?

When using the kitchen, grease and impurities easily adhere to metal surfaces, appliances, ceramic tiles, etc. equipment, causing unpleasant odors, and creating a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Therefore, using a cleaning liquid for used cooking oil is a necessity to remove impurities and clean surfaces.

Kitchen oil cleaning liquid can be used in many cases, especially when grease and dirt stick to metal surfaces such as ovens, gas stoves, induction cookers, hoods, etc.

cleaning liquid for used cooking oil
The kitchen space used for a long time will accumulate grease

Detergent all have powerful cleaning properties and are capable of quickly removing impurities. Therefore, when using, you should follow the instructions and use the correct dosage. After cleaning, you should also make sure to clean the surface to ensure health safety and avoid affecting food and other equipment.

industrial oil and grease remover
Equipment such as hoods, stove tops need to be cleaned to ensure hygiene

Kitchen oild and grease remover LTV O5404

Kitchen oil and grease remover LTV O5404 is one of the high quality products researched by Long Truong Vu to remove grease stains, and stubborn deposits on kitchen equipment. Products are widely applied in processing industries, with the ability to effectively clean equipment such as cookers, hoods, stainless steel shelves/tables, ceramic tile floors, stone floors, cement, etc. …

LTV O5404 detergent is a light brown liquid containing highly active agents and biodegradable dispersions, which not only helps to remove stains quickly, but also protects equipment. protected from harmful agents, keeping kitchen surfaces shiny as new. With outstanding cleaning ability, LTV O5404 kitchen grease cleaner is an indispensable product in quickly removing dirt and grease in factories, large buildings, apartments, etc.

kitchen grease cleaning liquid LTV O5404
LTV O5404 detergent helps clean the kitchen effectively and is environmentally friendly

In addition, LTV O5404 is also an environmentally friendly product, meeting international standards with ISO certifications such as ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015,…


Price of kitchen oil and grease remover LTV O5404

We understand that the price of the product is always an important factor in the purchasing decision. Therefore, we provide cleaning products LTV O5404 at competitive prices and in accordance with the needs of each customer.

For new customers, we have attractive incentives, especially when buying in bulk. In addition, we also offer good prices to regular customers and resellers. If old customers buy in bulk in their next order, we will have a preferential price, helping customers save costs while still ensuring quality.

However, because our pricing policy depends on the number of products ordered by the customer and each time of the year, to know the exact and specific price, please contact us via HOTLINE 0914 711 499 for detailed advice and the best price in the market.

price of industrial oil and grease remover
Discounts are available depending on the quantity purchased

Besides, to ensure customer satisfaction, we are also committed to providing high quality kitchen cleaners and best customer service. With a team of experienced consultants, we will help find the best solution and the right price for each customer’s needs and budget.

Instruction manual for kitchen oil and grease remover LTV O5404

To achieve maximum effectiveness during use, it is necessary to use kitchen oil cleaning liquid properly . The following is the LTV O5404 user manual.

✔️Step 1: Remove the device to be cleaned and wet the surface with clean water or pre-wash if the device is too dusty.

✔️Step 2: Depending on the dirt of the device, mix the solution in the appropriate ratio. Spray LTV O5404 solution on the surface to be cleaned and refreshed. Spray the solution evenly on the surface to be cleaned. After spraying the solution, let it sit for about 10-15 minutes for the solution to penetrate and react.

✔️Step 3: Use clean water to rinse the device, remove the stains.

✔️Step 4: Check the device visually to see if it is clean. If the device still has stains, repeat Step 1.

*Note: Avoid direct skin and eye contact with the solution. Wear gloves or other protection when using. Store grease remover solution in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children.

detergrent for industrial oil and grease
When using detergent, you should follow the instructions

Benefits of using industrial oil cleaning liquid

Using detergrents is one of the most effective ways to remove stubborn stains from kitchen surfaces, but the benefits of using this solution are not limited to cleaning.

In industry, the use of industrial oil cleaning liquid plays a very important role. They have the ability to remove dirt on metal surfaces, helping to increase working efficiency and increase the life of kitchen equipment, reducing repair and replacement costs. At the same time, they also have the ability to disinfect, kill bacteria and other harmful agents, helping to keep the kitchen space clean.

In addition, using a cleaning solution also saves time and effort in the cleaning process. Instead of having to use other methods such as using a cloth, soap or hot water to clean the grease, the use of a cleaning solution can quickly and effectively remove the residue.

kitchen oil cleaning liquid
Cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen brings many benefits

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, we also reduce the amount of harmful substances released into the environment by using LTV O5404 – an environmentally friendly degreaser.

Through this article, we hope you understand more about the importance of kitchen oil cleaning liquid in cleaning equipment and floors. With the criteria of efficiency, speed and savings, we will always care about product quality and customer satisfaction. If you are interested in cleaning water LTV O5404, please contact us immediately via HOTLINE: 0914 711 499 for the best support and advice!