With the current demand for cooling systems, cleaning heat exchangers such as AHU, FCU, and chiller has become extremely important. However, to clean these devices requires quality heat exchanger cleaner liquid to ensure safety and efficiency for users. Therefore, Long Truong Vu and their experts have researched and developed LTV O5304 that not only ensure high efficiency but also safety for human health and environment.

Why should we use cleaning liquid for heat exchangers?

Heat exchangers such as AHU, FCU, chiller, etc. play an important role in providing clean and cool air for the living and working environment. However, during operation, these systems must constantly receive air from the outside, so dirt, bacteria and other harmful substances also enter the system. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the FCU, AHU, and chiller to ensure stability and performance for the entire system.

On the contrary, if the air handlers are not regularly cleaned, the equipment after a period of use may be damaged, especially dust that causes the cooling to weaken, leading to wasting power. In addition, the accumulation of dust in the system will create conditions for bacteria to multiply, causing respiratory diseases.

Thus, it can be seen that the maintenance and cleaning of heat exchangers with specialized detergents not only helps to increase air quality, avoid respiratory diseases, but also helps to increase the longevity of the machine, save power, avoid electrical problems and risks such as open circuit.

heat exchanger cleaning liquid
The AHU needs to be cleaned after a period of use to ensure performance and longevity

LTV O5304 is safe, effective and economical

To clean and sanitize heat exchangers quickly, efficiently and economically, customers can use heat exchanger cleaning liquid LTV O5304. This is a liquid, alkaline chemical, specially prepared for quick cleaning and sanitizing of heat exchangers.

Specifically, LTV O5304 is a light brown liquid containing a mixture of biodegradable dispersants. LTV O5304 also contains highly active substances that can effectively and quickly remove dirt, grease, and sand in the radiator foil.

heat exchanger cleaning liquid LTV O5304
LTV O5304 makes cleaning AHU, FCU, wind chiller easier

LTV O5304 heat exchanger cleaner is also used in many different cases:

✔️Cement manufacturing companies

✔️Refrigeration companies, installing air conditioners with AHU systems, FCUs, chillers, …

✔️Companies producing cans, bottles, etc. for soft drinks.

✔️Removes dirt, grease deposits on the radiator fins of generators, transport vehicles, etc.

By using LTV O5304, cleaning equipment can be done more quickly and economically, helping to restore the heat transfer efficiency of the equipment, increase its life and keep the metal surface intact. squeaky clean.

How to use cleaning liquid LTV O5304 for FCU, AHU, chiller

Depending on the needs of use, the equipment to be cleaned, and the amount of dirt on the surface, the procedure can be changed to suit each specific case. Therefore, if customers have questions, or questions that need to be answered, please contact Hotline: 0914 711 499 for specific advice.

However, in order to help customers have a clearer picture of how to use cleaning liquid for FCU, AHU, and chiller, Long Truong Vu would like to present the process that has been performed at Vietnam Airlines Catering One Member Co., Ltd. down here.

Preparation for cleaning heat exchangers

To ensure safety and efficiency during use, the implementation staff has fully prepared the following tools:

Step 1: Prepare the necessary tools

✔️Detergent spray bottle: Depending on the needs of use, users can choose a spray bottle with an appropriate capacity. The spray bottle will be used to spray cleaning water on the area to be cleaned.

✔️Medical gloves: Since LTV O5304 is a strong alkaline substance, users should avoid direct contact with the skin. Medical gloves will help users avoid the unnecessary effects of cleaning water.

✔️Clean faucet: Clean water faucet is used to remove dirt, detergent residue left after cleaning the device.

✔️Dilution of detergent: Depending on the dirt and grease on the device, users can dilute LTV O5304 with the right amount of water to avoid waste, as well as ensure safety for users and the environment .

Step 2: Prepare detergent

✔️To clean dirt, industrial grease on heat exchangers, users need to prepare LTV O5304.

Steps to clean heat exchanger

Below is the sequence of steps to use heat exchanger cleaner liquid at Vietnam Airlines Catering Company Limited:

✔️Step 1: Protective equipment (medical gloves).

✔️Step 2: Put 300ml of LTV O5304 detergent into the dilution tank, and add 300ml of water. Then, stir the mixture well and pour it into a spray bottle.

✔️Step 3: Turn off the AHU (or heat exchanger to be cleaned) and spray an appropriate amount on the surface to be cleaned (a sufficient amount to wet the surface to be cleaned).

✔️Step 4: After spraying, wait for 1-2 minutes, if there is no bubbling phenomenon, continue to spray more cleaning solution on the surface.

✔️Step 5: Wait 1-2 minutes for the solution to react with the stain. Then, use clean water to spray the cleaned area to remove any remaining solution.

✔️Step 6: Check with your senses

cleaning FCU, AHU, Chiller
AHU before and after being cleaned with LTV O5304 at Vietnam Airlines Catering Company

Where to buy cleaning liquid for heat exchangers?

Found in 2002, Long Truong Vu was built and developed to carry out the mission of “Providing environmentally friendly products”. During more than 20 years of difficulties and challenges, we have become a reliable partner of many large corporations such as: De Heus Group (The Netherlands), CP (Thailand), Colgate (USA), CJ Vina (Korea), ), New Toyo (Singapore), Park Hyatt (USA), Sheraton, Intercontinental,,….

In addition, Long Truong Vu also has the following advantages:

✔️More than 20 years of experience in the field of industrial cleaning and water treatment.

✔️There is a nationwide service system and customer care centers.

✔️Professional staff, trained from domestic and foreign experts.

✔️There are factories, laboratories, and warehouses.

✔️Always improve technology, improve the quality of products and services, follow the motto of being environmentally friendly.

✔️Partner of many large corporations.

✔️Meet international standards such as ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015, HALAL, NSF

Cleaning liquid for FCU, AHU, chiller
Long Truong Vu has many years of experience in providing detergents

Through this article, we hope customers understand more about Long Truong Vu’s heat exchanger cleaning liquid, applications in cleaning AHU, FCU, wind chiller, etc. With the criteria of fast, safe, savings, we will always pay attention, focus on product quality as well as customer satisfaction. Therefore, if you are in need of cleaning liquid LTV O5304, please contact Hotline: 0914 711 499 for quick, more specific advice!