Most of the scale in boilers comes from water hardness. This hardness will react in the thermal environment and create scale that adheres to the boiler walls. And this is one of the reasons why hard water is not used in boilers and boilers. If you want to use it, you have to soften the hard water before boiling it to get steam.

1. Harms of boiler scale if not cleaned

If not treated, descaled the boiler and continued to use it as it is in the long run will cause the following problems:

  • Pipe breakage due to overheating. Due to the deposits (water that has not been treated well) entering the furnace from the furnace feed water are “concentrated” many times in the boiler. The deposits are thermal insulators, so localized overheating causes cracking.
  • Reduced efficiency of steam generation. Due to the impurities produced limit the rate of evaporation of water. And when the water is restricted from evaporation, it contributes to superheating, boiling the thin film close to the furnace surface and promoting the deposition process.
  • Stopping furnace for furnace repair affects production.
  • Increase the cost of furnace repair, furnace maintenance: replace pipes clogged by deposits.
  • Reduced boiler life.
  • Corrosion due to untreated water quality, corrosion during boiler operation, corrosion caused by scale.
  • Close the scale in the boiler. Due to the characteristics of the boiler to concentrate the solution, the feed water will be concentrated for a long time without being discharged, which will cause more and more scale inside the furnace.
  • Steam contamination due to poor water quality and scale inside the furnace can affect product quality.
  • Worries about an unsafe operating boiler can affect the psychology of employees at your business.

Therefore, effective treatment of feed water and furnace water is very important to prolong the maintenance and repair time as well as cleaning the furnace.

Long-term scum closes in pieces
Long-term deposits form in pieces inside the boiler

2. Solutions to deal with the harmful effects of scale on the boiler

Long Truong Vu Company provides effective solutions and methods to treat the harmful effects of scale on boilers.

To control the phenomenon of scaling in the boiler, customers need to pay attention to the following criteria.

2.1. Standard boiler feed water quality control

Controlling boiler feed water quality up to standard has contributed to improving boiler operation efficiency.

Table 1: Standard table of boiler feed water

Value Unit of Control Limits

control limit unit
Source: Long Truong Vu Company

The above criteria should be controlled within limits, especially paying attention to controlling the total hardness index (Ca2+, Mg2+) because if the hardness exceeds the control limit, it will be the main cause of scale formation in the boiler according to the requirements. The following reaction:

With water with high hardness ions, the treatment method here will use a water softening system (or Softener for short). After going through the softening system, the hardness will be controlled within the limit (< 3mg/l) to meet the furnace water standard.

Feed water softener system
Boiler feed water softening system installed by Long Truong Vu.

2.2. Use maintenance chemicals

However, in order to ensure the boiler’s efficient operation, save operating costs and increase the life of the furnace, your company needs to treat water according to the above technology in combination with maintenance chemicals to inhibit the Formation against boiler scale. Because the treatment system outside the furnace only minimizes the content of scale causing criteria, but not completely. In terms of boiler maintenance chemicals, Long Truong Vu has chemicals with the following main functions:

  • Chemical LTV110BA-CC (scale inhibitor) containing phosphate radicals will form a precipitate with calcium hardness in the form of mobile phosphate humus. Thanks to that, they have the effect of inhibiting the process of scale formation in the boiler. The reaction takes place as follows:
  • Calcium Hydroxide Apatite exists in the form of suspension, easily soluble in furnace water and is taken out through the bottom discharge.
  • Chemicals to inhibit scale: LTV 110 BA-CC pumped into the furnace according to the supply water line.
  • This amount of maintenance chemicals is most effective when the water supply at your company has a hardness of <3 mg/l.
Chemical filling system for boiler maintenance
Boiler maintenance chemical filling system installed by Long Truong Vu (for reference)

In addition to the above main function, the chemical solution carries an alkaline environment, which will raise the pH value to a controlled standard (furnace pH: 10.5 – 12).

2.3. Adhere to a reasonable blow-down regime

In order for the boiler to operate efficiently and safely, in addition to using standard boiler-grade water in combination with the use of maintenance chemicals, the problem of blowdown is extremely important. In order for customers to control the values ​​​​in the furnace water and whether the frequency of blowdown is reasonable, Long Truong Vu introduces to customers a set of quick test equipment for 02 indicators of pH and TDS.

Use maintenance chemicals to control water quality
Use maintenance chemicals to control water quality
Water hardness and pH tester
Water hardness and pH tester

3. Chemicals against harmful effects of scale on boilers

Customers refer to chemical products against the harmful effects of scale on boilers, contact Long Truong Vu technical team for advice, survey and appropriate chemical use.

The specific flow and usage will depend on the extent of the boiler scale build-up.

against the harmful effects of scale on the boiler
If you need any further advice on Boiler, please contact us.

4. Address to provide service to treat harmful effects of scale on boilers

Long Truong Vu was established in 2002, with 20 years of experience in the field of water treatment services, industrial equipment cleaning, industrial odor treatment, water quality control, boiler maintenance and provide industrial cleaning chemicals ..vv..We help businesses increase production efficiency, be assured of sustainable development, contribute to the development of society and the community.

On the basis of modern facilities, a team of engineers, architects, technicians, … have in-depth knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and technical support from experts over 30 years. With experience from Malaysia, Long Truong Vu confidently brings optimal solutions for your business, step by step “Creating value – Cultivating trust” to go further in the future.

Address of Long Truong Vu’s branch that sells chemicals to combat the harmful effects of scale on boilers

4.1. Headquarters

72 Phu Tho, Ward 2, District 11

Email: info@longtruongvu.vn

Website: longtruongvu.vn

4.2. Representative Office of Ho Chi Minh City

21-23 Nguyen Bieu, Ward 1, District 5, HCMC

Phone: 0286.6864.325

4.3. Quang Ngai Branch

317A, Hai Ba Trung, Tran Phu Ward, City. Quang Ngai

Phone: 025.5371.9819 – Hotline : 0909.721.225

4.4. The Hanoi branch

No. 36 – Lot 4, People’s Newspaper Area, Trinh Van Bo Street, Xuan Phuong Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi City

Hotline: 0915.071.617

4.5. Da Nang Representative Office

50 Duong Khue, My An, Ngu Hanh Son, City. Danang

Phone: 023 6398 5829 – Hotline: 0917 721 227

5. Reasons to choose the service to prevent the harmful effects of furnace scale in Long Truong

We not only provide technical support services for cleaning and disinfecting boilers for customers by our own technical team, but also a higher goal that we want to bring to customers. added value to the business through the organization of training courses and training for the customer’s own staff. The training courses are designed so that the customer’s staff themselves acquire the skills of timely troubleshooting and especially the ability to develop plans and plans to prevent possible incidents.

Experts meet directly to advise customers
Experts meet directly to advise customers

Our difference here is the emphasis on the role of coaching and training. Because we believe that properly trained people will act correctly to produce the right results and be highly effective in all activities of each business, thereby greatly contributing to the success of the business.

We believe that with our experience and professional working style, perfect service, we will bring satisfaction to our customers. If your company needs advice on cleaning, cleaning and maintenance of the boiler, please contact us.

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