Scale in old boiler systems is one of the most common causes of boiler accidents. One of the most effective solutions to this accident is to use chemicals to remove scale from the old boiler system. So, which chemicals are effective, which ones should be used, where to buy cleaning chemicals that are cheap but reputable? We invite you to read the following article

1. Why should the old boiler system be cleaned?

When the old boiler system is scaled, it will cause an increase in boiler operating costs as follows:

– Consumption of burning fuel.

– Operational efficiency is not high.

– Increase time and cost for furnace maintenance and repair when problems occur.

– Waste of cleaning oven downtime and cleaning costs.

– Create a hazard for the boiler when operating.

– The worst consequence is a boiler explosion causing great loss of life and property.

Therefore, the problem of boiler descaling type is very important.

Where to buy boiler scale cleaning chemicals
Where to buy boiler scale cleaning chemicals

2. Causes of scale in the old boiler system

Scale and deposits can form on any equipment surface that comes in contact with water, especially on boiler tube walls. Boiler scale is formed by precipitated impurities separated from the water on the heat transfer surface of the furnace or by suspended substances in the water settling on the furnace surface, becoming hard and adherent to the surface. The evaporation of water in the furnace is the cause of these impurities becoming thicker and thicker.

Sludge, scale build up inside the boiler
Sludge, scale build up inside the boiler

The first cause of scale build-up on the boiler wall is poor cleaning of the boiler, not treating the scale regularly, leading to scale sticking to the boiler wall.

Most scale in the old boiler system is mostly due to the hardness of the water. This hardness will react in the thermal environment and create scale that adheres to the boiler walls. And this is one of the reasons why hard water is not used in boilers and boilers. If you want to use it, you have to soften the hard water before boiling it to get steam.

Hard water is also not the only cause of boiler scale , impurities such as calcium, magnesium, aluminum, iron, silica, etc. in the water are also one of the causes of boiler scale.

scale due to ions Mg+, Ca+, Fe+
Mg+, Ca+, Fe+ ions are the cause of precipitation

In addition, boiler scale is caused by impurities that are directly precipitated in the water and adhered to the boiler wall or by suspended substances in the water settling on the wall and surface of the boiler. The evaporation in the boiler will make the scale more sticky and concentrated

Here are the locations where scale is most likely to stick to:

  • The bottom of the boiler, the steam drum, the manifold has a layer of slurry. The thickness of this layer depends on the discharge of the furnace, the effectiveness of the blowdown, and the circulation of the water in the furnace.
  • There is a translucent white gap in the boundary area between the vapor and water reservoirs, but the sticky porous powder causes metal corrosion in this boundary area. (In some boilers, they design a plank exhaust pipe in the water level boundary area -> reduce metal corrosion).

Therefore, using boiler descaling chemicals is extremely necessary for businesses that often use heat such as garment, brewing, processing, etc. Because, when using descaling chemicals , The new boiler ensures that every job in the company is operating at maximum capacity.

Cleaning old boilers
Cleaning old boilers

3. How to fix scale for old boiler system

In order for the boiler to operate stably, usually, customers have 2 solutions, specifically as follows:

3.1 Immediate solution: perform periodic oven cleaning once a year

When the boiler has been scaled, the solution is to clean it and the boiler is corroded, the solution is to replace the corroded pipes with new ones.

This solution has the following advantages:

1. Instantly solve boiler problems, oven cleaners help clean up to 70% of scale

2. It only costs money when cleaning, no maintenance costs every month.

For boilers where scale has occurred, the most effective method – the most effective way to clean the boiler is to clean it, and in the process of cleaning the boiler, the problem of surveying the current state of the boiler is an extremely important factor. It is important to ensure that the boiler cleaning process is most effective and to perform well the above issues, we need to have a process to perform the following tasks:

  • Where to place the circulation tank and chemical filling is convenient for the cleaning process.
  • Take samples to analyze the type of scale and give chemicals with the appropriate concentration for that type of scale
  • The location of chemical discharge after cleaning the boiler ensures that it does not affect the environment and surrounding people.
spray boiler descaling chemicals
The technician is performing 1 of the steps of the boiler cleaning process
descaling boiler
The technician is performing 1 of the steps of the boiler cleaning process

3.2 Long-term solution: Develop a process to control the cause of corrosive scale in the boiler

The advantages of this solution are:

1. Inhibits the formation of scale and corrosion in the boiler

2. The time to open the oven for bleaching will be longer than 1 year if well controlled

3. Boiler operates safely, stably and safely for both furnace operators

Softening system and input XLN system
Softening system and input XLN system
Automatic chemical dosing system
Automatic chemical dosing system

With both solutions having their own advantages, which solution will be more optimal?

For more clarity, Long Truong Vu would like to share with you the comparison of 2 solutions, details as follows:


It can be seen that the construction of a periodic control process helps the unit to be proactive in monitoring and controlling the operation of the boiler equipment.

5. Address to sell reputable and quality old boiler system cleaning chemicals in Ho Chi Minh City

Long Truong Vu Company with 20 years of experience in the field of providing solutions to prevent scale corrosion for boilers, refrigeration systems and is a unit of research, development and direct production of boiler and furnace cleaning chemicals. steam, cleaning residues of equipment in production.

Cleaning chemicals of LONG TRUONG ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a specialized product used to treat heat exchanger, cooling equipment systems … such as: boiler, chiller, condenser. , cooling towers, condensers, pipes…. for cleaning and removing scale. helps to remove scale quickly and effectively.

Long Truong Vu is committed to always bringing customers the best product lines, solving problems and meeting the needs of customers while being safe for equipment and users.

Customer satisfaction is always our motivation, “Commitment – Transparency – Positive” is the core value, the guideline of LTVGroup during 20 years of establishment and development.

All stages, from “Survey – Initial consultation – Design – Construction – Installation – Handover and commissioning – Maintenance and repair – Customer training” will be in charge of us. With rich experience With a team of professional staff, we will surely bring satisfaction to our customers. For free consultation and documentation, please contact:

5.1 Headquarters

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5.2 Representative Office of Ho Chi Minh City

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5.3 Quang Ngai Branch

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5.4 Hanoi Branch

No. 36 – Lot 4, People’s Newspaper Area, Trinh Van Bo Street, Xuan Phuong Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi City

Hotline: 0915.071.617

5.5 Representative Office of Da Nang

50 Duong Khue, My An, Ngu Hanh Son, City. Danang

Phone: 023 6398 5829

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6. How much does it cost to clean the old boiler system?

Currently, Long Truong Vu is selling chemicals to remove scale from old boiler systems at the most competitive prices in the market. For more information, please contact us immediately at hotline : 0914.711.499 or send information to email address: info@longtruongvu.vn for quotation.

7. Reasons to choose to buy chemicals to clean the old boiler system of Long Truong Vu

7.1. Comprehensive prevention

  • Develop procedures: implement prevention and control of incidents.
  • Training: technical training for customer personnel.
  • Control: Provide customers with instrumentation and control in the field.
  • Audit: Periodically review process compliance and cross-check results
  • Adjustment: Recommend to the customer corrective and improvement measures.

7.2. What makes us different from the competition?

  • Select partners and customer segments suitable for development orientation.
  • Focus on developing human resources through orientation, training and retraining activities.
  • Building a positive working environment and corporate culture.
  • Practice core values ​​“Commitment, transparency, positivity”
  • Develop mechanisms and policies following the image of “fleet”.
  • Apply the latest technologies in expertise and administration.
  • Consitence

7.3. Customer care policy

  • Monthly take water samples for testing and reporting results.
  • Provide equipment to measure TDS, pH, hardness criteria.
  • Technical training course for boiler water treatment.
  • Methods and forms of process management to ensure boiler feed water quality.
  • Endoscope check boiler periodically.
  • If you need any further advice on cleaning the old boiler system, please contact us using the information below.


Long Truong Vu Environmental Technology Technology Co., Ltd.

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