Nước tẩy rửa vệ sinh công nghiệp COIL CLEANER
Nước tẩy rửa vệ sinh công nghiệp COIL CLEANER


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1. Product Introduction

LTV COIL CLEANER is an alkaline aggressive liquid specially formulated for the rapid cleaning of radiator aluminum fins. It is a light brown liquid, fairly light brown, containing a mixture of biodegradable dispersants and highly active substances for the rapid and effective removal of dust, grease, and sand commonly found in thermal foils. of the air condenser in the AHU unit.

LTV O5204 tẩy dầu mỡ tại nhà máy sản xuất giấy
LTV O5204 tẩy dầu mỡ tại nhà máy sản xuất giấy

2. Benefits of the product

Restores heat transfer efficiency of equipment by removing grease and deposits. Keep metal surfaces clean.

3. User Manual

¤ Prepare

  • Step 1: Turn off the exhaust fan to stop the AHU, FCU
  • Step 2: Equip protective equipment such as gloves, glasses …
  • LTV COIL CLEANER is a strong alkaline chemical so avoid direct contact with skin. Gloves and goggles must be used when working with chemicals.

¤ Eraser Process

Step 3: Spray water evenly on the surface of the radiator fins

Step 4: Spray the chemical on the heatsink and wait about 15-20 minutes for the chemical to react with the dirt.

Step 5: Rinse with clean water

Step 6: Check the pH of the water solution after bleaching

Step 7: Finish the bleaching process: When the pH of the bleach solution is equivalent to the pH of the water used for washing

NOTE: After performing step 5, if there is still a lot of dirt on the heatsink, repeat step 4…

4. Pictures before and after use

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